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North Georgia Fence Company

Serving the North Georgia
community since 1971

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entry arbor
Rose arbor

The same arbor with different configurations of optional wings and gate.

victorian arbor

Vinyl PVC arbors do not need painting, will not rot, termites and boar bees can not eat them - resulting in a lifetime of maintenance free enjoyment.       ~ include a 20 yr warranty ~

As you can see, this arbor comes with various options, i.e.; wings, gates, trim kits, etc.

The basic unit cost around $450 without the trim kit and $500 with the trim kit. The trim kit includes the plinth blocks at the bottom and the three stepped decorative trim at the top just before the arch begins. You may notice the Key Stone at the top of the arch can alter also (see photo below).

The gate adds another $300 and the wings are another $280.

Add sales tax if applicably

Delivery and Installation adds another $350

garden arbor
cottage arbor




This trellis cost about $815 without the trim kit and $875 with the trim kit.
Delivery and Set Up / Installation cost around $450. Installation price varies depending on the actual installation location - is it out in the open, is it going around a deck or hot tub, is the ground level, full of rocks, etc. All of this must be taken into account to come up with an exact installation cost.

trellis pergola
patio trellis
garden trellis

The wings on each side of this trellis add another $280

North Georgia Fence Company also builds large massive heavy wood “ post and beam “ trellises,  free standing or attached to a building, call Sam at 706-299-1047 or email  for details . . .

massive free standing wood pergola
wood pergola
hawaiian motif ebony stain trellis
entrance arbor gate
white attached trellis
log trellis attached trellis with lattice
simple free standing trellis
Redwood deck, bench, and pergola
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The North Georgia Fence Company
Serving the North Georgia Community since 1971


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